Alex Shirazi

😀 Hi, I'm a Product Designer, Startup Advisor, and Speaker on topics of Design and Future Food.

📦 I am currently developing new protein technologies at Balletic Foods.

🎤 I am the host of the Cultured Meat and Future Food Show and Co-author of 'Where do hot dogs come from? A Children's Book about Cellular Agriculture" (now shipping worldwide).

📱 Since 2005 I've managed the UX Design, Creative Publishing, and Software House, Phlint. Phlint has worked with startups in the areas of Home Automation, Health, Blockchain (1) (2), and Retail Analytics.

🥓 Past Presentations
Developer-Designer Relationship (Web Summit, 2013)
User Experience Design process (MCE, 2014)
Cellular Agriculture in the Americas (New Harvest, 2019)

✏️ I studied advertising and design at the University of Illinois where I worked closely with makers at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the School of Art + Design.

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